Domestic Aid

Shared Vision works with agencies throughout the US to provide optometric resources. From frames and lenses to networking contacts, our team strives to connect agencies with the right resources to improve vision for people in need.

I think what SVI does is simply part of what it means to be human. Although it often looks different from person to person, we each have been given much and have an opportunity to share what we’ve been given with our fellow man.
— Troy Kirk


Our goal has always been to work smarter and with as much efficiencies as we can by capitalizing on relational and regional connections, whether that is abroad or here domestically. We strive to help our partners connect with those in need right in their own backyards. It has been very rewarding to witness our partners support their local homeless shelters, domestic violence group homes, and other non-profits that have the structure in place for accountability of ‘giving with dignity.' Also, we have found great need in the local schools with children that need eyewear but their family may not be able to afford such. Creating a relationship with the school principals and school nurses has been very fruitful in this regard.